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Celebrating the coolest & most useless stuff on the web!

Gadgets, gizmos, toys... stuff. Whatever you choose to call it we just can't get enough. However, here at Pointless... but cool you won't find the latest iFad or home IMAX system. That stuff is far too mundane and practical for us. The gizmos we love are those who's main purpose is simply to be coveted.

Pointless... but cool is a celebration of the weirdest, coolest and least useful stuff we can find on the web. If we want one, but don't quite know why then it makes the site.

Most Recently Added Stuff
Tag-A-Bag Tag-A-Bag
Most people are honest and would be happy to return an item if it’s easy enough. By using today’s technologies we made sure that it takes no more than a touch (by use of NFC technology). This means that even without the app, any finder can report directly to the owner in a matter of seconds! Activating the Universal lost & found doesn’t take much longer than that either, it’s as easy and intuitive as it gets, for everyone.

Our technology allows us to add cool features, such as setting a bag in “lost mode” and Dynamic Messaging, which allows a bag owner to customize the message a finder sees (great for offering rewards). We enable bag owners to ask help from their social networks as well, and because each bag has a full profile, people know what to look for.

Cost? $9.99
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Gemma's pink bits

Pointless... but cool is not just a bunch of lads having fun: there's a girl too! Here's Gemma's recent pick of gadgets and gizmos for girlies:

Punch It Punch Bag and Boxing Gloves Punch It Punch Bag and Boxing Gloves
Boxing has never been so female..
Swarovski Lock Out USB Memory Key Swarovski Lock Out USB Memory Key
A must have for any ghetto fabulous PC user
Bubble Bath Machine Bubble Bath Machine
Pimp my tub. The perfect accessory for any girls bath time.
Tag-A-Bag Tag-A-Bag
tag-a-bag’s award winning solution uses the latest technologies to deliver the next generation of bag & luggage tags. By keeping it simple, we eliminate the hassle of registering & activating a bag, as well as help people do the right thing and report they found it. It literally takes no more than a “touch”! It’s all controlled through a mobile app which delivers the best lost & found solution wherever you go, and adds many smart features to your bag.
Aquapod Aquapod
It launches a plastic drink bottle 100 feet into the air!
Aquapod Aquapod
It launches a plastic drink bottle 100 feet into the air!
Condiment Gun Condiment Gun
Here’s a great pointless but cool way to spice up your sausage fest (BBQ)…
Double Slanket Double Slanket
Sometimes things go beyond all logical understanding at Pointless But Cool. The Double Slanket is so pointless we struggled to find even a novelty use for it!
Motorized Cooler Motorized Cooler
Sometimes you don't need something completely new to become a genius inventor, you just need two already existing ideas and to be a little bit mental. Like a motorized scooter and a cooler box.
Doodle Track Doodle Track
Remember having a Scaletix as a kid? Well this is kind of like that, without the broken controllers and turning your parent's living room into a health and safety tripping hazard!
uFlavor (Create-Your-Own Soda) uFlavor (Create-Your-Own Soda)
Meet uFlavor; founded by 3 tech guys and beverage fans working alongside food scientists FONA in the United States. The goal? To deploy make-your-own-soda vendors around the country!