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Reindeer Pate

Reindeer Paté is, as you might have guessed, paté made from Reindeer meat, which has one of the lowest fat content of any red meats - a mere 2%. The Reindeer are farmed by Sami herdsman and live on a healthy (if somewhat bland) diet of moss and lichen. Nobody ever heard of mad reindeer disease.

Ships ready to eat in a sealed tin with convenient ringpull action. Net weight 190g.

Ingredients: Reindeer meat, pork, reindeer liver, lard, garlic, onion, wheat flour, cream, whole egg, cognac, sale (E250), spices, antioxidant (E300)

Reviewed by Daze

"Why is it pointless?"

Who will pull Santa's sleigh next year ?

"Why is it cool?"

A taste of this superb Pate will make you go Ho Ho Hot Toast Please!

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