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Water Bomb Catapult

Yep, bet that got your interest...

This little beauty has a range of 200 feet, that's two hundred feet or for the metrically minded - 60m!

That's got to be over the house and into the neighbours back garden across the road hasn't it?
(I'm only speculating here and am not advising or recommending such behaviour.)

What's more the Water bomb catapult is accurate too.

The catapult is pretty much a heavy weapon in terms of the man power required to wield this awesome weapon.
One of you acts as the 'puller', manning the elasticised sling whilst your two friends (soon to be known as accomplices to the local constabulary), hold either end of the cradle. The puller then draws back the loaded sling, aims and then unfortunately loses their grip. With dire consequences of a water balloon being hurled 200ft through the air and then unfortunately hitting your purely unintentional target.

Reviewed by Mash

"Why is it pointless?"

Your targets might not even know who fired it.

"Why is it cool?"

Your targets might not even know who fired it.

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